I GOT A HANDMAID’S TALE JACKET!#BlessedBeTheFight #HandmaidsTale

So.. less than a week ago, I got this email from Hulu, saying:

“We know you’re a big fan of The Handmaid’s Tale, so we wanted to thank you for being with the show since the beginning. We partnered with Levi’s® to create an exclusive, limited-edition Handmaid’s Tale jacket to give to a select number of dedicated fans, including you.

This jacket is free (seriously!). To get yours, just use the link and code below. You’ll be able to select your size and tell us where to send it – but please hurry because we only made 2,020 of these jackets and are gifting on a first-come-first-served basis (and sizes are getting limited).”

Then there was a claim code to put in.

I almost deleted it because I thought it was spam, but it came from Hulu, and I do watch Handmaid’s Tale, so I thought ‘what the heck’ and I replied with my size and my claim code. Five days later.. I got the cutest denim jacket delivered to me with patches to put on it if I wanted. For free! Come to find out, many people covet this, and I was very lucky to be chosen!

Y’all, this never happens to me. I literally never win anything. I won a couple of medals for playing the flute in high school, and an essay contest when I was 10, but that’s about it. Chance drawings.. forget it. I do not have luck. So I feel super chosen right now.

There was a note in the box asking recipients to post selfies ‘styling the jacket’. Sounds like a small thing to do for a free jacket.

So here’s me styling the jacket! I haven’t put the patches on yet because they wouldn’t iron on like the instructions said, so I’ll sew them when I have time.


Photos by Steven Wolfe (my husband).

And here are the patches. Handmaid’s Tale watchers will get what they mean..


So… that was me having luck for once! Have a nice rest of the week!


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