Someone posted a meme about these on Facebook, and I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t a joke. It was real. After I shared it (thinking it was a joke), Amazon, who seems to be sitting in an unmarked car with Facebook, staking me out 24/7, started suggesting it to me.

I don’t like candy corn (does anyone? ) but this was just so Willie Wonka, I couldn’t resist. Here is my review:

This stuff was obviously made by a deranged sadist who lives to bring horror and pain to the world. Each piece brings its own, unique brand of hell to your mouth. Some of them taste like vegetables mixed with candy corn. The only tolerable one is the cranberry sauce one, that tastes mostly like regular Candy corn. There was only ONE of those, in the entire bag.

The majority of them taste like cold, brown gravy with candy corn mixed in. I had to brush my teeth twice to get the taste out of my mouth because I felt like I had licked an old bowl of gravy and sugar that sat on the counter for 2 days before someone used it as an ashtray.

The person who invented this should be in jail. This is a crime against humanity.

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