Amy Warren!

This week in AWESOME WOMEN I KNOW…. Amy Warren!

She’s so pretty!

She’s a fabulous actress who has performed many times in Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company’s shows since we met. We played sisters in a show once, and it was one of my favorite shows ever.  

Amy and me in NIGHT OF THE GIANT

Also, sometimes it seems like we should be sisters. We both like white wine, all animals, and especially our chihuahuas. 

She’s an animal whisperer. They all come to her yard. (Here are a few of them. She also took these photos).

She’s also a really talented photographer:

Amy is also a teacher, and she always wins political arguments, because she keeps her cool, even with other people are losing their minds. This is a talent most people do not have, including me.

She’s rockstar, and I’m so happy to know her!

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