Urban Cowboy Film Review

URBAN COWBOY is on HBO. I was too young to watch it when it came out, but I remember the soundtrack on the radio. I thought I’d check it out because it was an important movie at the time it came out, apparently. Dude, this thing does NOT age well. So, this girl gets involved with and marries this dude that is uneducated and works in a factory, and his biggest talent is riding this fake bull, and he hits her. Then she does something he doesn’t like ,and he kicks her out (his WIFE) and gets another girlfriend like 5 minutes later and she has nowhere to go so she moves in with an even worse guy. And then he wins the fake bull riding thing and gets super mad that the other guy also hit her (like outraged, when he did the same thing earlier in the movie) and apparently there are only 2 men in the world she’s allowed to pick , so she goes back with him. I did not like this movie. I wanted to punch every man in that film except Uncle Bob, who was at least nice to his wife. The only thing good about this movie was Bonnie Raitt playing for 2 minutes at that bar.

sorry. I grew up around fucking men just like the ones in that movie, and I did everything I could to get away from them, and all I want is for fictional Sissy to do the same, but she doesn’t. So.. yeah, I’m triggered.

Thank you for reading my film review.

2 thoughts on “Urban Cowboy Film Review”

  1. It’s remarkable how ugly ‘entertainment’ from the early eighties is. Even the lighthearted comedy movies I nostalgia-ly showed my kids were appalling in language, racism and misogyny.


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